Notes on St. James’ Parish Church

The organ of St. James Parish Church is divided into three (3) sections. Upstairs, there is the pedal organ on the souththern side of the winding staircase, the swell organ on the nothern side and, in the centre, hanging from the roof, is the great/positive organ. The console (by which the organist controls the organ) is located on the southern side of the Chancel steps.

The pipes to the great organ are approximately 150 years old. The right-angled metal projections are the trumpets (en chamade) which help to create a very rich sound from the instrument. The instrument has been subject to multiple upgrades over the years. St. James‘ Church organ has the most sophisticated switching system in use today, with a playback system and a classical console built to American Guild of Organists’ standards.

The quality of the organ, along with the ambience of the church, has made St. James Parish Church a place of choice for many local and overseas weddings.

David A Burke is the current Organ Curator and has, in fact, followed in his father's footsteps; the family having been associated with this particular organ for almost seventy-five years. A historical perspective of the family's work and of their involvement can be found

The present organist is Dr. Philip Forde, FRCO.

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