A Catechism as used by The Church in the Province of The West Indies

Over a period of many centuries / years, the Catechism was written by a team of theologians and teachers comprehensive of the various theological schools within the Anglican tradition and used by the many Provinces in the Community who made their owm modificaions based on their specific focus.

This catechism, (from Ancient Greek:"to teach orally"), is a summary or exposition of doctrine of the Anglican Community, with specific reference to the Church in the Province of the West Indies. It serves as a learning introduction to the Sacraments traditionally used in catechesis, or Christian religious teaching for children and adult converts.

The Anglican Catechism is an indepth but very usable articulation of the Christian faith that will also prove to be a resource for Christians in other traditions.

As mentioned in the Ancient and Modern Catechism, it is "An Instruction to be learned of every person before he be brought to be Confirmed by the Bishop."

B a c k M a i n